df-900D Digital-Servo - MBB

Product no.: 2417

You can buy it in your hobby store.

The perfect Powerservo for RC car, flight and ship!
Digital, therefore extremely precise and fast control.
Metal gears, ball bearings and part metal housings are just some of the features that make this servo stand out.

Technical data:

  •      Dimensions: 40,5x20,2x38mm
  •      Weight: 62g
  •      Operating time: 0.07s (6 V.) | 0.09s (4.8 V.) (60°)
  •      Actuating force: 8.9 kg-cm (6 V.) | 7.2 kg-cm (4.8 V.)
  •      Metal gear
  •      Ball bearing (2xBB)
  •      waterproof
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